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    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Whither IWR?

    Or, "Withered IWR"

    The latest issue of Information World Review fell through my letterbox... well, actually, drifted, feather-like to the floor beneath my letterbox... and I wondered:
    Where's it all gone?
    I have been a reader and fan of IWR for around 30 years, during which time it has had a half-dozen or so make-overs, each resulting in a less vibrant, less relevant, less informative product. No make-over in style this time, but seemingly a new editor, and the latest issue ran to 24 small pages... of which, eight and a half are advertising, seven are longer articles, and six offer us some - not much - news.

    I have to wonder if the new slimmed-down version has any value at all - news stories already published on blogs, light-weight journalism: scholarly search - good; health information - good; profile of BL University Challenge star - what? financial/business information - too short to be worthy.

    And the unintentional irony of the editorial, which talked about 'information rich content'.

    Is there less information industry news these days? Or are we all assumed to know it already?

    My God! I'm turning into an old man - I remember in the old days when grass was greener...

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