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    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    If you are the Government...

    ... it seems that 'might is right' - of course, this isn't news, but in the light of the HMRC embarrassment, it is interesting to see just how far tunnel vision and supreme confidence in your actions (which might also be seen as ignorance and arrogance) can take you. (Obviously the ultimate answer is 'to war' but lets not go down that route now.)

    Thanks to The Open Rights Group for their post yesterday: HMRC fiasco: Government “not interested” in expert warnings, which reported on Professor Ross Anderson's (UK computer security expert and Chair of the Foundation for Information Policy Research) appearance on Newsnight . ORG say:
    He labelled the fiasco “an accident waiting to happen”, and calmly, methodically, indicted the Government for brushing aside the advice of security experts who have been warning them against the centralised, top-down approach they have been taking to electronic government
    ... and go on to provide the details.

    I seem to remember that ID cards and the NIR have attracted a few negative official reports as well. Isn't it time that the government heeded professional advice?

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