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    Monday, October 15, 2007

    The Wiley View of e-books

    Following on from my last post, The Bookseller has just published "Wiley: publishers must push e-books" by Information World Review journalist, Mark Chillingworth. The article begins:

    Publishers must help to drive consumer adoption of e-book readers from the likes of Sony and iRex, according to John Wiley chairman Peter Wiley and his colleague, Stephen Smith, senior vice-president for Europe and international development at Wiley.

    Wiley, speaking to The Bookseller Daily, predicted the demise of printed textbooks in higher education—but was bullish about their future as digital editions. Smith said, "Textbooks will be digital, but I'm not sure when."
    As was hinted at in the previous post, Wiley sees the success of e-text books and e-book readers as intertwined - each will aid the success of the other. Wiley also believes that publishers have a role in driving forward e-books: the company has already been "educating the educators in the US". Online textbooks - e-books - can offer so much more than a print equivalent and while e-book readers will mean growth for textbooks, "technology will bring the price of textbooks down."

    The fact that Wiley is re-assessing its business model for textbooks has to be good news for students and educators, not to mention the educators' libraries.

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