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    Sunday, July 01, 2007

    Talking with Talis - the debate continues

    In mid-June Talis began a series of 'Talking with Talis' centred on the current debate about Public Libraries in the UK. Do get things off to a good start, Richard Wallis talked to Tim Coates. I summarised the talk here. As I noted in earlier postings the MLA and the recently-closed Laser Foundation, as well as CILIP's Public Libraries Group should be able to respond well. As Richard says:
    The debate about the future of public libraries in England is at times a passionate one, with the protagonists often having greatly differing but no less strongly held views. With this series of podcasts I am attempting to provide a balanced view of those opinions and the people behind them. To that end I have approached several people both within and outside the library establishment with an invitation to record a conversation. Whilst awaiting responses and scheduling recordings I would love to hear from others who believe they have something to add. Contact me ( if you want to suggest a possible interviewee, or wish to be considered yourself.

    He has now interviewed both John Dolan of the MLA - discussing the MLA and they way public libraries serve their communities and moving onto discuss A Blueprint for Excellence document and the public consultation process which has followed its publication - and Francis Hendrix, previously of the Laser Foundation - discussing the state and structure of Public Libraries in England, the current debate on the subject and some options for the future.

    I think it would be interesting to hear from a number of Public Librarians, as well as from CILIP. Watch this space!

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