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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    CILIP Governance - update

    It doesn't sound like much(!), but it really implies a lot of work behind the scenes: at our last meeting the GiG finalised the CILIP Regulations with the CILIP legal advisers, and these will be presented to Council next week. [ Note of explanation: CILIP has a Royal Charter which essentially sets out our aims and purpose, and then there is a set of Byelaws which dictate how the Institute is to be run. Both of these have to be approved by Privy Council, and we are in the middle of this process now - hoping for an agreement in principal before Council. 'Beneath' the Byelaws sit the Regulations, which set out in more detail what is and is not acceptable or expected practice. These do not need external validation and are consequentially easier to change from time to time as need dictates. ]

    I can also report here that the promised FAQ on the Policy Forum - the response to Group and Branch questions in the earlier consultation - will be available on the GiG web pages within the week. This has taken slightly longer than we might have wished, but the process of finalising the text between the members of the GiG took place over a particularly busy period - Umbrella, the Scottish Conference, etc - and this has resulted in the delays. Sorry about that - but it IS on the way!

    Other items from last week's agenda included the agreeing of both the report for Council which will go out with the final set of papers this week; and a reply to a detailed query received by the GiG; and discussions on our schedule of work for the rest of the year and the governance implementation schedule.

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