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    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    The Talis Offer

    Over at Panlibus, Richard Wallis has risen to the challenge! Topping his posting with a superb Flickr jibe ("There's too many chiefs and not enough Indians around this house" as Dean would have said), Richard writes:
    we at Talis are very committed to libraries, and very committed to doing what we can to help bring them, and the services they provide and use, in to 21st Century.

    We would be more than willing to consider hosting forums, both in the physical meeting as well as the online debate sense.
    I - personally - am not sure that another online debate will do much good (who reads them - all these blogs and emails - anyway!), but Richard is unsure that a real-life meeting will do much good, either:
    We have held research days and other events to address these issues, and have been very disappointed with the number and willingness of people to respond to invitations and engage. I therefore fear that if we booked a room in a convenient place, on a date which avoided other library events, and invited the great and the good - the response would be a little underwelming.
    Perhaps when it comes down to it, all the Indians in the world do not have the power to attract the attention of the Chiefs.

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