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    Monday, June 18, 2007

    If it DOESN'T work, invent it again

    if:book picked this up first, but seemed more impressed with the use of Google SketchUp than the proposal! Somebody called 'ebookreader' has posted a video clip on YouTube which is described as:
    This is a design proposal for an ebook reader based on the iPod and iTunes. What has been overlooked? Is e-ink really necessary, or could the screens be LCD (and therefore colour)? Could this design also work for other portable media players (Creative, Zune, etc)? I believe this will be the next big project for Apple...indeed what's left?...and I wonder whether YouTube viewers can in fact influence the development of the product.
    'Apple ebook reader for iPod - any suggestions?' is well worth a look... and I hope Steve Jobs is looking too! The concept is simple - you take something that everybody has (well, quite a lot of people) and build an add-on around it that allows its storage another outlet: a 2-page e-ink screen (colour e-ink is coming soon) that opens like a book and houses the iPod neatly in the back. Thus neatly bringing music, pictures and books all together - no need to carry so many devices and chargers. Better yet, the iPhone could slot into the back as an alternative.

    Heads up, Apple! Someone is doing your designing for you!

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