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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Not Waving But Drowning (Stevie Smith)...

    ... is probably what they meant, but the headline they used was, NOT FAILING BUT SHIFTING! reports that The Register has a report on the Identity and Passport Service response to the London School of Economics claims that its identity card scheme is out of control. It is, though, they say being built on uncertain sands (that's 'shifting sands' to you and me).
    "The estimates [quoted] in the [London School of Economics] report are therefore subject to change in the light of new information or assumptions and there is a significant probability that the estimates will change in the light of further experience." say IPS.
    They also said:
    "It is simply not true though to claim that the Scheme is 'out of control': we are introducing the scheme incrementally, building on existing programmes to introduce more secure passports and immigration documents."
    and (a bit I liked particularly)
    "The scheme would be self-financing"
    That's 'self-financing' as in stinging the man and woman in the street for the cost of their ID cards and/or passports, you understand. The sad thing is that we shall probably each have to pay for our biometric passports or ID cards long before the IPS/government discover that they can never get the system to work.

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