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    Monday, April 23, 2007

    CILIP Governance Implementation Group News

    The Governance Implementation Group had another meeting last week and we can now report on progress:

    1. The agreed text of the new Royal Charter and Bye-Laws have been endorsed by Council and will be sent to Privy Council in the next few days for 'approval in principle'. They will then be presented to the CILIP AGM on Members Day (Oct. 18).
    2. Regulations. We are currently working with the lawyers on draft regulations which we shall bring to Council in July.
    3. Policy Forum. The specification for the Policy Forum has been drawn up and agreed and will shortly be sent out to Branches, Groups and Home Nations for consultation/comments. The GiG will be asking for responses by the end of May.
    4. GiG has previously agreed to recommend to Council that a Remuneration Panel should be established. This falls in line with our principles of transparency and accountability and will deal with processes related to salaries and appointment of senior staff - thus ensuring that no individual member of staff is directly involved in making decisions about their own remuneration. A draft remit has been drawn up now, and a final version prepared by the lawyers will be presented to Council for consideration in July.
    5. Council has already agreed the harmonisation of the CILIP governance and financial years - it is now proposed to harmonise the SIG, Branch and Home Nations' years as well. This recommendation will be taken to Council in July, with the suggestion that this should be in place by January 2009 - one year after the CILIP-years harmonisation.
    6. At our next meeting, the GiG will begin working on three key areas: communications, training (for trustees, forum members, etc), and costs.
    The GiG - as I said in my first message - is committed to engaging with the membership at large, and with all Special Interest Groups, Branches and Home Nations on every aspect of the transition into the new governance. I hope that you all feel that appropriate channels are open to you, both to keep up-to-date on what is happening on this front, and to contribute to the process.

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