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    I am the owner and managing director of Information Automation Limited (IAL), a company that specialises in research, consultancy and training for the information profession. We are particularly interested in all forms of electronic information resources (e-journals, e-books, etc) and I teach a course in electronic publishing at the Department of Information Studies in Aberystwyth. Drilling down still further(!), my interests centre on the quality and evaluation of electronic information, and in the thinking that underpins activities in library and information science.
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    Friday, March 16, 2007

    e-Books presentation in Germany

    I have been invited by the German Library Association to speak on e-books in libraries at their 3rd Congress of Information and Library, to be held in Leipzig between 19th and 22nd March.

    I am presenting a paper entitled "E-Books and e-Book readers - can libraries manage them?" (link is to abstract as a Word document) on Tuesday afternoon in one of two sessions devoted to e-books. A recent paper in Library Hi Tech noted that "the supply of e-books in Germany is far lower than in the USA. In relation to the German-speaking hardcover supply, the supply of e-books adds up to just over 1.7 per cent" (Just, 2007) - so maybe these two sessions will help to stimulate e-book publishing in Germany.

    As is often the case when I speak on e-books, I shall have an iRex iLiad e-book reader with me (link to UK site; link to European site) so that colleagues can see one of the latest generation of e-book readers which incorporate e-ink technologies and provide a comfortable reading experience while holding up to 200 e-books.

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