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    Monday, February 26, 2007

    More on ePassports

    I write this post purely in the spirit of passing on information; I do not necessarily recommend the course of action because I cannot vouch for all the facts as given, but (as will be apparent from previous posts) I do have serious concerns about what this government is doing with the National Identity Register (NIR).

    A post from the ORG blog (Open Rights Group) is headed "Renew for Freedom: March 26th deadline to escape database state" and states that - if it is at all possible - you should renew your passport before March 26th, whether or not they are about to expire:

    The March 26th deadline applies to us all but in particular if you’re applying for a first adult passport, as you otherwise become a guinea pig in the ID card scheme, surrendering personal information to any and all state agencies (and contractors) who request it. Those renewing their passport are also advised to do so ahead of March 26th, or otherwise lose your personality and privacy to the database. Furthermore, if that’s not reason enough, miss this deadline and you’ll face an intrusive interview and lengthy delays in receiving your documents.
    NO2ID ( from whom the information is culled have long protested against NIR and biometric passports have a factsheet available: Renew for Freedom.

    It is apparent that we should view petitions as pointless, and that they are in fact a cynical means of collecting our emails and addresses in order to send out further propoganda about the issue, so perhaps the time really has come to take control of our own identities.

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