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    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    Blooks: Blog e-Books

    Walt Crawford posted an interested item on AutoBlooks a couple of days ago on his Walt at Random blog. Blog Slurper is apparently a tool which will vacuum up the content of a blog and produce a hard-copy book from it - at a cost, which is the topic of Walt's post. It struck me that this is very much what the team at the Friday Project do, but that is another story.
    The reason for my post - apart, of course, from drawing attention to the Walt at Random original - was to take issue with the middle bit (the implied definition) of statement:
    I’m not saying blooks–books based on blogs–never make sense...
    This seems to imply, given the context, that blooks are print books based on blog; I think it would be more correct to say that a blook is a book written using a blog, available (as a book or an emerging book) on a blog, for reading on a blog. Or, if you like, a blook is a form of e-book. Certainly, some will be subsequently paper-published, but that is another story and not what what makes the original a blook. There are three particularly interesting blooks that I am following or reading at the minute: one was to have evolved into a paper book (The Basement Interviews by Richard Poynder); one may - and would certainly have an enthusiastic readership if it did (Mortal Ghost by L Lee Lowe); and one probably/possibly never will (The Golden Chain by Richard Tomlinson).

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