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    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Information World Review editorial

    Law and disorder
    Powerful editorial in the October 2006 issue of IWR - unfortunately not yet available on the website - but strong stuff. Mark Chillingworth has a go at government for their poor track record on ICT and information projects (not to mention recent legislation) and wonders whether the many calls for an overhaul of IP laws will fall on deaf ears. The British Library - in the shape of its Chief Executive, Lynne Brindley - has pointed out that the current position is due to a government that is out of touch... something recent posts here might suggest too.

    Mark Chillingworth quotes Gordon Brown as talking about Britain's future as a knowledge economy and points out that this is only possible with suitable and appropriate IPR in place. Without the information industry, and the nation, will suffer. Definitely worth a read.

    And talking of 'knowledge economy', I expect to be commenting on the July report on 'Public Libraries in the Knowledge Economy' soon.

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