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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Cost vs. Value - Staff vs. Books?

    An article in The Bookseller by Katherine Rushton (25th August) suggests that libraries are over-staffed and that employees should be dropped before branches are axed. Tim Coates (in his Blog) agrees:
    "I have been saying for 6 years that all the evidence I can find suggests that local council library services have a lot more staff than they need to do the job they do. Not only do they have more staff but those staff incur overhead costs which also mean that the service costs much more than it should. That money could be better spent, particuarly on books, longer opening hours and redecoration of buildings."
    I make no comment on the rightness of these assertions, but they clearly relate to the discussions on librarians' value to their organisation which is currently taking place in the new CILIP Communities of Practice... and they deserve wider debate.

    Coates wonders, as do I, where is a response from CILIP?

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