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    Friday, August 11, 2006

    CILIP and its new business model (NOT)

    About: CILIP's New Business Model Working Group

    I was disappointed to find (according to the report in Gazette 11-24 August, page 3) that in their discussions to identify CILIP’s core functions there appears to have been little or no consideration of possibilities, but only an agreement on the status quo – Regulate the LIS profession; Support LIS professional development; Provide advocacy.

    Shouldn’t such an important working group, working in a time of crisis for CILIP, have thought ‘outside the box’ – considered new and exciting functions, which could both attract and retain members? I do not think members want a reaffirmation of more of the same in the new business model – the Terms of Reference make it clear that the model should generate income, not allow CILIP to carry on as it is.

    If you agree with this statement, please make it known by emailing CILIP ( directly “For attention of the New Business Model Working Group”

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