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    I am the owner and managing director of Information Automation Limited (IAL), a company that specialises in research, consultancy and training for the information profession. We are particularly interested in all forms of electronic information resources (e-journals, e-books, etc) and I teach a course in electronic publishing at the Department of Information Studies in Aberystwyth. Drilling down still further(!), my interests centre on the quality and evaluation of electronic information, and in the thinking that underpins activities in library and information science.
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    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Web 2.0? Nah! Pensioner 2.0

    I was - sad soul that I am - marking some assignment scripts this afternoon and came across something that the Web 2.0 world really needs to know about! The student wrote that a proposed web site would provide access:
    • to web resources
    • to e-journals
    • to the aged and house-bound
    • to library resources
    • to databases...
    Of course, I know what he meant (access for the aged...) but the idea of opening my browser and finding a couple of pensioners ready to rush off and find stuff for me is irresistable!
    Sorry! I'll resume politically-correct mode, now.

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