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    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Mobile libraries (alternative meaning)

    I have blogged here about the new e-book readers. New screen technology and ever-better memory puts a whole new spin on the term mobile library - now you can carry your personal library in your pocket! 200 books is probably enough to count as a personal library - and probably enough to be pretty useful most of the time.
    It seems that I am not the only one to be excited by the prospect of of a portable, personal knowledge bank. Megan Fox, Web & Electronic Resources Librarian at Simmons College, opened the second day of Computers in Libraries with a keynote entitled, "Planning for a Handheld Mobile Future". She wasn't just talking about e-books and e-libraries, but about all those other handhelds that - in the States, at least - are accessing information and providing library services: cell phones, PDAs, iPods, GPS devices, tablet PCs, ultra-PCs, gaming devices, and smart phones. Her paper went on to point out that some "traditional library content" (encyclopaedia, reference titles) is now being made available for these devices.
    I wonder how these new devices - e-book readers in particular - will impact on libraries, and I wonder how many libraries are planning for that impact? Maybe it seems unlikely now, but why wouldn't students in 5 years time be carrying around all the books they need for all their courses on a device like the iRex iLiad, on which they can make notes and write essays?

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