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    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    A search engine for Europe?

    Open Access News draws attention to a report in InfoWorld Nederland suggesting that in France they are working on a European search engine to rival Google. The news was leaked by President Jacques Chirac, and speculation caused the company - Thompson - behind "Quaero" to put a blackout on news and close their project website. It is unclear whether Chirac's remarks:
    "We must take up the challenge posed by the American giants Google and Yahoo," Chirac said, discussing the importance of technology to Europe's economy. "For that, we will launch a European search engine, Quaero."
    are, in fact, accurate. Commentators have suggested that Quaero may not to be a single product; a project to develop "search and content management technologies for end users, media companies and service providers" may be a more accurate description. But watch that space for a French Search Engine!

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