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    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    Information Literacy - Journal coverage

    The latest issue of The Higher Education Academy journal, ITALICS (Volume 5 Issue 1) is devoted to Information Literacy: challenges of implementation. The issue is guest-edited by Susie Andretta (London Metropolitan University). Her editorial begins:
    Information literacy education is described by the authors of this special issue of Italics as fully embedded in the process of independent and lifelong learning practices. Full integration of information literacy is advocated at various levels of education, through the adoption of real-world assessment strategies, and through a critical pedagogy. These are necessary steps towards the development of independent learning, and ultimately, towards the establishment of a learning society.
    Papers include:
    Six Frames for Information Literacy Education by Christine Bruce, Sylvia Edwards, Mandy Lupton
    Towards a Learning Society - Exploring the challenge of applied information literacy through reality-based scenarios by Agneta Lantz, Christina Brage
    Does Advocacy Help to Embed Information Literacy into the Curriculum by Ruth Stubbings, Ginny Franklin, Loughborough University
    The Design and Implementation of an Information Literacy Training Course that Integrated Information and Library Science Conceptions of Information Literacy, Educational Theory and Information Behaviour Research: a Tanzanian pilot study by Mark Hepworth, Evans Wema, Loughborough University
    Exploring the Challenges of Developing Digital Literacy in the Context of Special Educational Needs Communities by Peter Williams, University College London
    Communicative Competence in the Information Age: Towards a critical theory of information literacy education by Andrew Whitworth, University of Manchester

    Articles are available for download as PDF files.

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