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    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Collaboration and Community (2)

    Lorcan Dempsey pointed me to an earlier posting in his blog, which I must have missed, and which quoted Nicholas Carr as suggesting that the "blogosphere, and the internet in general, is basically an anti-social place, a fantasy of community crowded with isolated egos pretending to connect". I would have to agree that some blogs can only lead you to that conclusion!

    I would not agree that serious blogging - blogging in any professional sphere, if you like - is only so much shouting down the wind. It is a useful means of publication: I communicate an idea and someone - perhaps, Lorcan - reads it. Perhaps there is a reply that I can read. My point was that the process could be improved by moving from communication to conversation, and we need a mechanism better than many single blogs to get a really good debate going.
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