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    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Blogging for ... whom?

    I promised more when I returned from Online Information 2005, so the next few blogs are comments about the show...
    I note that Don Hawkins on the Information Today blog has encountered a few souls at the show who didn't know what a blog is; this was my experience too - although I have to add that not all of them came from my side of the Atlantic! I also note different approaches to blogging.
    There are a lot of important blogs over here, but I think the way they are used varies from States-side: we in the UK tend to the brief commentary while the US-blogs use a stream-of-consciousness approach, which - when all is said and done - offers readers a lot more information! I'm sure I can do outpourings-of-my-soul too, but I may need a bit of practice to get there; meanwhile readers will have to put up with my shorter, over-cerebral (well I like to think so!) snippets.
    For those of you looking for a good overview of Online Information 2005, I recommend the many postings on the Information Today blog - sit back and drink deep!


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