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    Friday, November 25, 2005

    Web 2.0 go

    I am sure that it will be refuted, but 'Web 2.0' seems to be the current buzziest word. If I understand it correctly, Web 2.0 seems to mean participation rather than publishing, and while this may be very laudable, aligning neatly with concepts such as communities of practice and philosophies like "one for all and all for one" - the principle of "the service automatically gets better the more people use it" is only true in a limited way. Folksonomies are a case in point - social categorization does not mean all of the folk finding everything they want thanks to the other folk on the system, as much as it means all of the folk on the system trying to bring stuff together without reading the rules or consulting with the other folk! If the Web 2.0 concept is applications for all instead of information for all - wikipedia not encyclopaedia, ethnoclassification replacing classification - then it may be a step backwards, a step towards losing, rather than finding, information.
    But then, what do I know? Web 2.0 is only the least defined, most discussed idea on the Web.


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