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    Location: Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom

    Since I retired and closed down my company, Information Automation Limited (IAL), I have concentrated on gardening, walking the hills, carpentry, and preparing to keep bees - my first colony will arrive in May 2018. But more than anything else I have focused on poetry. I have been writing poems for about 15 years for my own pleasure but now I am in the process of publishing my first collection. Depending on how that goes this, blog may well turn into a poetry blog, publishing poems as they develop.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2018


    As I pass beyond my summer wall
    Once more the land embraces my spirit
    And its silence becomes my prayer
    While I and heaven hear
    The wind whispered psalm
    As dusk caresses the treetops
    That surround my field fane -
    I walk slowly through its grassy nave
    Lost in my old memories
    And pause at the far gate:
    The sun sinks low behind me
    And my long shadow stretches out in penance

    Sunday, April 08, 2018

    At the Grave

    As the rains came we followed
    As the rains fell we listened
    And walked towards the minister,
    Passing by the dark grave wherein she lies,
    To drop another daffodil, a final kiss from life,
    On the pale box below.
    And on, to cluster round beneath the trees
    Circling the family, rooted by some strange harmony
    Of communion: a drifting mass lost in loss.
    On the hillside, as the first sods drop down,
    They are united through twenty parting years
    And peace comes to me in the silence
    As the land heals its open wound.